In July we are going to use a new online system to manage our waiting list and to advertise our available homes. The new system will work in a similar way to HOMEHUNT.

All applicants, including existing HOMEHUNT users, will need to join our new waiting list when it opens.

If you want to be on our new waiting list please fill in the form below:

General Contact Form

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Note – if you already have a HOMEHUNT account you will keep your original HOMEHUNT registration date.

In the meantime, any vacancies which we get between now and July will be allocated from Stoke on Trent City Council’s waiting list, we call this a nomination. To be considered for these vacancies you’ll need to apply directly to Stoke on Trent City Council and will be assessed and selected according to their priority system. Go to for more information.

Society Tenants – Transfers and Mutual Exchanges


If you are a tenant of ours and have a housing need to move you can apply to move to another one of our properties. It’s best that you contact us first to discuss why you need to move and we’ll advise you if you meet the criteria

Our criteria:

You or member of your household has health and/or mobility issues where your current accommodation is having a serious adverse effect on your health

You are overcrowded in your current accommodation in accordance with our property eligibility criteria

You can evidence a need to move on care/support/welfare grounds

Before we authorise any transfer, we’ll need to inspect your home to ensure that it’s clean and tidy and in a good state of repair. If there’s any evidence of unsatisfactory conduct and you are in breach of your tenancy agreement, we won’t be able to authorise a transfer and instead we may have to take tenancy enforcement action which could lead to eviction.

Contact us on 01782 968566 or email if you would like to discuss a transfer.

Mutual Exchanges

If you want to swap your home with another tenant from Stoke on Trent Housing Society or a tenant from another Registered Social Landlord or Local Authority, you can look for a Mutual Exchange.

There are several websites where you can advertise your home and search for other tenants to swap with:

Before you look or apply for a mutual exchange please bear in mind that a mutual exchange will be permitted only where:

Both parties have conducted their tenancies in a satisfactory manner – that means no rent arrears

No under occupying – we use the criteria from the Welfare Reform Act 2012 to assess this

The property must be in a satisfactory decorative condition and without any outstanding repairs that are the tenant’s responsibility

Permission to exchange won’t normally be granted in the following circumstances:

A ‘live’ legal notice has been served on the applicant by the landlord

In exceptional circumstances where we are advised by the police or other relevant agency that the exchange would not be reasonable or advisable on the grounds of community safety

Once you have found someone to exchange with you’ll need to complete a Mutual Exchange application form, click here to request a form or call 01782 968566.