If you are going to become a tenant of Stoke on Trent Housing Society we want to make sure that between us we do whatever we can to build a great relationship. We want to provide you with a great home that you can afford and manage and we want you to come and talk to us when you need to.

We’ve set out some expectations – if you are happy with them then we’re happy to do our best to help you find a tenancy with us. If you aren’t then it’s probably best that you consider an alternative landlord/s.

Look below, see if you are happy to commit to the Society Deal:

Here’s what you can expect from us.

We will:

  • Provide a quality, safe home and repairs service
  • Look after your neighbourhoods
  • Make it easy for you to get in touch
  • Ensure staff and customers have a clear understanding on rights, responsibilities and expectations
  • Have friendly, knowledgeable staff that do what they say
  • Deal with any unacceptable behaviour quickly


Here’s what we expect from you – before you become a tenant.

You will:

  • Show us that you can afford to live in your new home and that you have the relevant maturity and life skills to maintain a tenancy. You’ll be able to budget and manage your finances and can maintain a home and keep a tenancy
  • Have a bank account and consider setting up a direct debit to pay your rent
  • Have your first months’ rent ready to pay in advance
  • Understand and commit to the Society Deal


Here’s what we expect from you – once you become a tenant:

You will:

  • Pay your rent every week/month in advance and by direct debit, online or over the phone
  • Let us know if you are struggling to pay your rent so that we can plan to help you
  • Let us in when we need access for repairs or anything else
  • Look after your home and garden and communal areas, keeping them tidy and clean
  • Be good to your neighbours and treat them with respect
  • Keep in touch by checking our website regularly and if we contact you get back to us quickly
  • Let us know if you are struggling to stay in your home