Noise App

When you report that you are experiencing problems with noise and you have access to a smart device, we’ll ask you to gather evidence using The Noise App.

The Noise App is a tool you can download to your smart device that enables you to collect and submit noise recordings for us to review. This could be prior to us opening a case or during a live case.

How it Works

You’ll need to contact us first to tell us about the type of noise you are experiencing, and we’ll send you an invitation to The Noise App. You can then register your account and start to use it to record any incidents of noise nuisance.

If we’ve asked you to submit recordings within an agreed timeframe and do not receive any evidence from you, we may be unable to investigate further. If this happens, we’ll let you know and deactivate your access. You’ll then need to restart the process with us to reinstate your access should the nuisance progress.

Call us on 01782 968566 or email for access to The Noise App.

Useful Guides

The Noise App user guide

Walkthrough Video