Q. What repairs am I responsible for?
A. You’re responsible for any repairs that aren’t classed as normal wear and tear. Here’s a few examples of the types of repairs that are your responsibility:
  • Replacing lost keys, changing your door locks
  • Resetting trip switches.
  • Fixing or replacing toilet seats and lids.
  • De-scaling and cleaning the toilet. Note: We will charge you if we need to clear your toilet because of blockages caused by you or your visitors. This includes those caused by nappies or sanitary items, etc.
  • Clearing any blocked sinks, baths, toilets and shower trays.
  • Replacing plugs and chains to baths and sinks.
  • Repairing or replacing window glass – unless you can give us a police crime reference number.
  • Any damage that has been caused by you or your household/visitors
This list isn’t exhaustive so if you aren’t sure whether a repair is your responsibility or not contact us.
Q. How do I report a repair?
A. If you think your repair is an emergency you must call us on 01782 968566.
For all other repairs:
  • Complete a repair form, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours
  • Call us on 01782 968566
  • Visit us at our customer reception
Q. How long will I have to wait for a repair to be completed?
EMERGENCY REPAIR – a repair is an emergency if it needs to be completed to avoid danger to your health and safety. We’ll ask you some questions about the repair and if we think it’s an emergency then we’ll send one of our contractors out to you within 4 to 24 hours.
Note – emergency repair requests made outside of normal office hours will normally be attended to during the next working day unless there is immediate danger to the health and safety of the occupant/s.
URGENT REPAIR– these are repairs that may cause you some discomfort and or damage to your home if not carried out urgently. Examples of urgent repairs would include repairing a leaking pipe in the property or renewing a light fitting. Urgent repairs will be completed within 5 working days
ROUTINE REPAIRS – these are repairs that aren’t urgent, although they may cause some inconvenience to you. Examples of routine repairs would include easing an internal door or clearing an overflowing gutter. Routine repairs will be completed within 20 working days
Q. What do I do if I think I have a Gas Leak?
A. If you smell gas in your home call National Grid on 0800 111 999 – put out any cigarettes, open all windows and doors, do not use matches or a lighter and do not use any electrical switches or appliances including door entry systems.
Q. What happens if I’m not in when you come to carry out a repair?
A. Our contractor will leave a card. You’ll need to telephone the number on this card to rearrange your repair. You may be charged if you have requested an emergency repair or if you had a pre-arranged appointment. Your repair may also be cancelled.
Q. I’ve lost my keys or need another set, what do I do?
A. If you lose your keys and don’t have a spare anywhere we’ll change the locks on your property if you need us to, however, you will be charged for this. If you require additional keys then you must arrange this and pay to have them cut.
Q. Can I have extra fobs or keys for the door entry system?
A. Yes, but there will be a charge and you’ll need to collect them from our office.
Q. How do I make a complaint about the repairs service?
A. If you’re not happy then please speak to us first. You can call us on 01782 986566 or we can arrange to see you in your home or you can come to our Customer Reception. You can also request a copy of our Repairs and Maintenance Policy to see what our policy is in respect of the repair service that we offer.
If after this, you’re still not happy you can make a formal complaint.