We’ll charge you for any repair work that we carry out to your home that’s been caused by damage that’s not due to fair wear and tear.

This means that any repairs that we find are a result of deliberate damage, neglect or botched DIY, by you, your household or your visitors, then we will carry out the repair and recharge you for the cost of the works. We’ll also charge for missed appointments.

Also, if you end your tenancy and leave your home or garden in a state of disrepair or leave behind any rubbish or belongings, we will charge you for it.

Any DIY/Improvements that we haven’t authorised will be rechargeable to you if we have to carry out repairs to put them back to an acceptable standard.

And remember – if we do have to recharge you and you don’t pay us then we’ll take legal action that could affect your credit rating, any of your loan applications and your ability to exchange or transfer to another Society property.

For more information or advice on recharges contact us on Tel 01782 986566.