As a landlord it is a legal requirement for us to carry out certain regular safety checks on your home. Take a look at our  SAFETY LEAFLET that provides information on the “Big 5” property related risks that affect our residents (Electrics, Fire, Gas, Legionella and Asbestos).


Fire safety is very important to Stoke on Trent Housing Society and we would like to reassure our residents that all of our properties meet strict fire safety regulations.
  • We carry out annual Fire Risk Assessments and where any necessary fire safety work is highlighted we will always deal with this as a priority
  • We regularly inspect our blocks of apartments, making sure that escape routes are kept clear, that fire doors are closed and working properly and that there are no fire hazards lying around
  • We provide smoke alarms in all of our homes
  • We work closely with the Fire Service and their Community Advice Team.
Here are a few simple steps that you can take to reduce risks too:
  • Make sure that you are familiar with the fire safety procedures for your home, if you live in an apartment take a look at our Fire Action Notice example 
  • Test your smoke alarm to make sure it works – if it doesn’t contact us on 01782 968566
  • Be careful with candles and keep them away from curtains, carpets, furniture etc.
  • If you smoke, always stub cigarettes out properly and never smoke in bed or in our communal areas
  • Make sure your  electrical appliances, plugs and cables are used properly and safely – don’t overload sockets
  • Don’t use or store devices that run on a gas cylinder
  • Keep communal areas clear of obstructions, Get rid of your rubbish properly – and don’t block any exits
  • Never prop open fire doors. They are there for a reason and need to be kept closed at all times.

Important – Escape routes

We want to make sure that the fire brigade can reach you easily if there’s a fire – and that you can get out quickly and easily in an emergency. That’s why it’s important that communal areas like corridors, walkways and fire doors are kept clear of obstructions like rubbish, prams, bikes, furniture or clothes. Even doormats must not be placed outside front doors as they are a trip hazard too.
If you find rubbish or anything blocking communal areas or fire escapes contact us on 01782 968566.
For more information on fire safety visit


From time to time, your home, garden or the areas you share with neighbours could get a visit from pests such as ants or mice.
Take a look at our PEST CONTROL LEAFLET for information on how to deal with pests.