Tenant Involvement

Tenant Involvement

Our vision for tenant involvement is simple. We want to:

  • Improve the way we communicate with tenants.
  • Provide opportunity for feedback in a way that suits our tenants.
  • Ensure that tenants have more opportunity to influence the environment in which they live alongside the services we deliver.
  • Ensure that we meet our regulatory and legal obligations.

There are lots of good reasons to get involved:

  • Improve areas of our services that benefit you and your neighbours.
  • Be the first to know about new things affecting your scheme and how you can influence them.
  • Work with us to improve the welfare and safety of our tenants.
  • Meet our staff and other tenants.
  • Get some valuable training that can add value to your CV.

There are lots of ways to become involved:

  • Tenant Group – this is a formal group of tenants whose primary focus will be to meet regularly to scrutinize performance and standards, service reviews, branding, and communication. If you are a detail person or like working with targets and data, this one might be for you.
  • Scheme Walkabouts – join our officers in a walkabout your scheme and help identify any issues that may be cause for concern or might help improve where you live. We’ll notify tenants when these walkabouts are due to take place. Take a look at  our Scheme Walkabout Leaflet .
  • Satisfaction Surveys – these help us measure how satisfied our tenants are and the beauty is that you can complete these from the comfort of your own home. All that you need to do is look out for the surveys when we send them out to you.
  • Hot Topic Events – these are one off meetings, that will be on single topic issues that directly affect you and your neighbours. We’ll let you know when and where these events are so that you can attend if you are free.
  • Annual Tenancy Visit – we aim to contact all our tenants every year and whilst doing this provide opportunity for feedback. If we come to see you have a good chat with our officer and give them your feedback on our services and how we are performing.
  • Building Safety Champion Volunteer – this is quite a responsible role however it would be great to have a volunteer from each of our apartment schemes who is interested in building safety. With a bit of training, this person/s would help us to ensure that we are getting it right when we communicate with tenants on safety issues and feedback any ideas or issues that they might spot in their building.

We encourage all tenants to consider how they can become an involved tenant so if you’re interested, please email info@stokeontrenthousingsociety.org.uk or call the team on 01782 968566.

Scheme Walkabout Schedule:

Scheme Date Time Meeting Point
Imperial Court & The Bottlekiln Scheme Walk About Imperial Court 090823   – results
Marchwood Court Scheme Walk About Marchwood Court 060923  – results
Perrymount Court Scheme Walk About Perrymount Court 060923 – results
Baird Court & Galileo Court Wed 8th November 2023 2.30 pm Outside rear entrance of Baird Court
Dickson House & Hammond House TBC TBC  TBC
Northwood Court TBC TBC  TBC